Research Report Template

A student officer has to produce research report(s) on the issue(s) being discussed in their respective committees. It is important that the information provided in the reports is objective in nature and gives a complete overview of the past, current and future problems and their solutions.

Guidelines for Template

It is required for all Student Officers to write research reports and deliver them within the allotted time period. Research reports play a crucial role in expanding the student officer's knowledge and provide the delegates of their committees a starting point for their own exploration of the issue. To make sure all research reports are formatted consistently, MUNISH has adopted a standardised template for all research reports. All research reports should be delivered using only this template; please keep in mind some more important points when writing your research report:

Please follow the chairing guide for guidance on what to include in the research report and how to structure it.

Download Template (Office Word) Examples: Archived Research Reports

Cover page image

You may suggest an issue related cover image (with reference to source) when submitting your research report to the Academic Advisors. When selecting the cover image make sure the image is:

  • Issue appropriate
  • Not offensive
  • Available in high quality (Minimum: 1654 x 2339 pixels) which is necessary for printing
  • Non-copyrighted

If you are unsure whether your image meets the quality specifications above, please still send in your suggestions.

Check out Flickr for some inspiration Flickr (Creative Commons)

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